On last night's episode (Oct. 3) of 'The X Factor,' the rest of the girls group battled it out in the Four Chair Challenge.

The previous night found Bree Randall, Khaya Cohen, Jamie Pineda and Ashly Williams all with a seat onstage.

Simone Torres took Bree's place, but not for long. Danielle Gimer took to the stage and emotionally bellowed Spearhead's 'Piece O' Peace,' prompting Kelly Rowland to say, "Somebody gotta get up, honey." She took Simone's seat.

Rylie Brown sang a heartfelt version of Robbie Williams' 'Angels,' but the judges simply weren't buying it. She was sent home.

Primrose also, deservedly, got the boot. She got up onstage wearing an outfit that looked like a cross between a school girl and Freddy Krueger. Her singing was equally as confused.

Despite these two awful performances, the four girls who already have seats should definitely not be getting too comfortable in them.

Up next, Paige Rion, with curly blonde tresses that could compete with Rapunzel, brought tears to the eyes of the girls already in seats -- perhaps they are afraid that the competition will steal their place. And with good reason, Paige gets a "yes" from Demi Lovato and takes Ashly Williams' spot onstage. Poor Ashly, but admittedly, her performance simply was not that good.

And last, but not least, Ellona Santiago took to the stage. She sang a powerful version of Zedd's 'Clarity' and we all know that someone is definitely going to have to give up their comfy white chair. "This is probably one of the best vocals we've heard in this category," Simon says. She takes Jamie Pineda's place in the girls final four.

Girls Group Final Four
Danielle Giber
Khaya Cohen
Ellona Santiago
Rion Paige

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