On last night's 'The X Factor,' more contestants tried to impress judges Kelly Rowland, Simon Cowell, Demi Lovato and Paulino Rubio for a spot on the show and a shot at winning a million-dollar record deal.

As always, the night started with a few flops. In the older than 25 category, middle-aged, blonde Melanie Wright howled David Getta's 'Titanium.' She actually was delusional enough to believe she did a good job when the audience members mockingly stood up and clapped for her. "It's like finding out Cinderella works at the Playboy mansion," Simon said to Wright, who looked utterly shocked.

Fifty-five-year-old Rob Zarro sang his out-of-tune version of Stepphenwolf's 'Born to be Wild' while the judges looked on in pity "It's like watching something out of an Austin Powers movie," Cowell said to the contestant who was rocking a bowl-shaped cut similar to the '70's-inspired movie character. Zarro's vocals were definitely something you'd expect from Powers -- terrible and awkward.

Then things got worse before they got better. A very untalented contestant named David Gray took to the stage and gave a mediocre performance of Usher's 'Nice and Low.' In a desperate move to garner support from the judges, he called his girlfriend to the stage, got on one knee and proposed to her. He received a collective "no" and one "yes" -- no from the judges, yes from his now fiancee. At least the couple got their 10 seconds of fame.

Some young talent finally appeared to give the audience hope. Emery Kelly, a 15-year-old Bruno Mars wannabe sang, Jason Mraz's 'I Won't Give Up." The judges believe the kid has star power and he is not the only one. Another 15-year-old, Khaya Cohen, started off a little rocky with a so-so performance of Jennifer Hudson's 'Love You I Do,' but eventually won the judges over with another song, 'I Put a Spell on You' by Nina Simone.

Allison Davis, 26, Isabel Requena, 24, and Isaaiha Alston, 15, all sang their own versions of Mary J. Blige's 'I'm Going Down.' Alston was the best performer of the three, drawing comparisons to Michael Jackson.

There was some good older talent as well. James Kenney, 35, returned to 'The X Factor' after being eliminated back in 2011, and sang a soulful version of George Gershwin's 'Summertime.' Looks like he's back in the competition. Loorie Moore, a 34-year-old professional football player and Missy Elliott look-a-like, sang Whitney Houston's 'I Have Nothing' while sporting a football jersey. "This is why we have no age limit on the show," Cowell said. "You were very, very good."

Before the show ended, the judges starred in their own music video, inspired by 'Second Hand' a male-female audition duo. Admittedly, their original rap song was quite catchy. The chorus of "You better ask me to dance," prompted Rowland to get out of her judges chair and twerk a little something. The audition was so horrible, but the song was so ridiculous that the judges made a music video in honor of it. Want to watch Simon Cowell rap? Check out a recap of Episode 5 below.

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