During Episode 4 of 'The X Factor' Season 3, some seriously depressing auditions occurred and male heartthrobs stood in the spotlight with mediocre talents. However, four contestants gave everyone a little hope that there are vocally skilled people out there in America.

The auditions began in Charleston, N.C. Andrew Scholtz, an 18-year-old high school football player and monster trucker first took to the stage with a flashy smile, prompting immediate support from judge Kelly Rowland. Sadly, his vocal abilities weren't so impressive. Kelly said she felt like his performance was "a little glued to the microphone." But after Simon offered him another opportunity, Andrew launched into Big Little Town's 'A Little More You,' which won over the ladies. He moved on to the next round -- only Simon said, "No," and he wasn't at all hypnotized by Andrew's looks.

Blake Shankle, the self-professed Robin Thicke look-a-like, had less luck. "Blake, if you just stood their and smiled and kept saying anything, I think you would get a scream every time. You are so hot," Kelly Rowland told the heartthrob. But not even his pretty face could mask his wobbly, unpleasant voice. Blake was sent packing, to his own surprise.

Next up was Na'Christia Harris, who claims she is the baby Beyonce and Rihanna would have made had they been able to reproduce. The judges were not impressed. "I don't know if you could hear yourself. You probably won't want to," judge Demi Lovato said.

Then Ashly Williams, 24, performed and the only thing that could make anyone more emotional than learning about the murder of her mother when she was only 14 is listening to her incredible voice. Her rendition of Whitney Houston's 'I Will Always Love You' received a well-deserved standing ovation from the audience members and judges. Kelly watched the performance in awe and gave it a heartfelt review. "Thank you, baby girl, for spilling your heart out," she said. We expect to see many more powerful performances from Ashly.

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