'The X Factor' Season 3 continues to travel across America in search of more talented contestants. Judges Kelly Rowland, Simon Cowell and Demi Lovato were all in attendance, but tonight's show missed Paulina Rubio and her Spanish accent. As usual, there were performers that showcased the good, the bad and the ugly.

The night kicked off with a terrible duo, sisters Shirley and Cynthia. They sang Jackson 5's 'Give Me One More Chance,' prompting Simon to say, "It was like a competition as to who could sing the worst and you both win."

Josh Levi gave Kelly Rowland more than one reason to cheer. Not only was the 14-year-old singer from Houston (Kelly's hometown), but he gave an enthusiastic, applause-worthy performance of 'Come & Get It.' The judges expect that his charisma will take him far in the competition -- his youthful cuteness was also likened to pop sensation Justin Bieber.

He wasn't the only young contestant to draw support from the judges. Millie Thrasher, 14, and Timmy Thames, 13, also held it down for the young folks, wowing the audience with their vocal abilities.

A group named Drama Drama came out in scantily clad outfits and seemed to be teens (they sang 'Party in the USA') but they were really just attractive girls in their 20s with little to no talent. They were immediately interrupted by Simon and sent home.

The judges and crowd were astounded when AKNU, a group of brothers, did a performance reminiscent of the old school Motown days -- some thought they came out of a time capsule. "You guys are so refreshing,' Kelly said of the performance that even included a smooth dance number.

Two contestants who have graced 'The X Factor' stage previously came back to audition for a place in the finals. Carlos Guevara, a 16-year-old with Tourette syndrome and OCD who had to leave school because of his disabilities, snagged a spot on the show. Jeff Gutt also made it past auditions this time after being booted off before the finals last year.

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