After the first episode of 'The Voice,' it was hard to see any chemistry between the judges, but as the show moves forward, the gang is starting to fall into their niche. It’s cute to see Adam Levine praise Shakira and have his own fan moments with her. Everyone makes fun of Usher and his raised leg on every episode and no other judges can really compete with Blake Shelton when a country act performs -- the contestants flock to the singer.

The first WTF moment was when Taylor Beckham performs Rose Royce's 'I'm Going Down' -- or better known as Mary J. Blige’s 'I’m Goin' Down.' Beckham admitted to being in love with R&B and expressed all the soul she has but she performs one of the most blandest renditions of this emotional song. Somehow she bewitched Shakira (although, Shakira turns around for just about anyone) and Usher (he should have his black card revoked for this mess). Usher ends up with Beckham on his team.

Then Sam Alves comes onstage and sings the heck out of 'Feeling Good' by Nina Simone and no one turns around.  Sometimes it seems as if the judges have selective hearing.

Karina Iglesia also gave it her all while singing ‘I’m the Only One’ by Melissa Etheridge, yet no judges pressed their approval button until the very last note -- Adam and Blake tapped on it. These judges really know how to make my blood pressure rise. I almost screamed at the television if no one had chosen her.

Garrett Gardner auditioned last season but was turned away, this time he had more confidence and used the judges' critiques for this performance. Garrett performed a really cool reggae fusion of The White Stripes’ ‘Seven Nation Army.’ Of course all the judges remembered him from last season (or the producers fed them the info into their ear pieces), including Shakira. “I was so pissed you guys didn’t pick him,” she said. Well, she was the only one who turned around for him so he is on Team Shakira.

Later in the show, Monique Abbadie was a brave soul by performing one of Shakira’s hardest songs -- ‘Loca’ -- in front of her. All four judges turned around for her and even Shakira got up to dance along to the performance. You're pretty much set for life when you sing one of the artist’s song and they appreciate your rendition. The boys barely fought over Monique because it was quite evident she would join Team Shakira, which she did.

So far here’s how everyone’s teams looks like.

Team Adam:
Judith Hill
Karina Iglesias
Duncan Kamakana
Midas Whale
Sarah Simmons
Warren Stone

Team Blake:
Danielle Bradbery
Christian Porter
The Morgan Twins
The Swon Brothers
Holly Tucker

Team Shakira:
Mark Andrew
Garrett Gardner
Monique Abbadie
Kris Thomas
Tawnya Reynolds

Team Usher:
Taylor Beckham
Michelle Chamuel
Josiah Hawley
Jess Kellner
Chelsea M

                              Watch Monique Abbadie Perform 'Loca' on 'The Voice'