On last night's episode of ‘The Voice,' the last installment of the battle rounds occured. Usher continues to steal the shine from all the contestants and looks handsome while doing so! Plus there was an epic showdown between Mary Miranda and Cathia.

While there were only five battles on this episode, Usher once again creates a dramatic steal after Mary Miranda and Cathia performed. He waited for Cathia to hug the judges to surprise her with the steal to have her on his team. As a result, a waterfall of tears from Cathia helped make the scene uber-over the top. Hopefully, Usher continues to find any reason to make these episodes memorable.

Mary Miranda and Cathia were also the biggest highlights this time; both had to sing ‘Antes De Las Seis’ by their coach, Shakira. Talk about having to reach high expectations and tons of anxiety for both contestants. Each commanded the stage and really executed the performance to transcend the emotion of the song even though it was en español.

But during the rehearsal, Mary was unable to relate to the lyrics because she didn’t even know the song -- all in front of Shakira unfortunately. Talk about awkward! But she turned it around for the performance.

Watch Cathia & Mary Miranda Perform 'Antes De Las Seis' on 'The Voice'