'F--- for the Road'
As Young Money's Tyga prepares for the release of his 'Hotel California' LP slated to arrive on April 9, he's released his latest single, 'F--- for the Road,' featuring Chris Brown.
Track List
Tyga has pushed his third studio album, 'Hotel California,' back a few times already but it looks like he finally has the green light to move forward now.
Album Cover
Tyga is covered in fur on the cover of his oft-delayed album, 'Hotel California.' The collection, which went through several postponements, is now due to arrive in stores on April 9.
This Is the Remix
If you thought Psy's 'Gangnam Style' song was done, think again. The Korean pop star's worldwide smash is being extended by way of a Diplo remix featuring rappers 2 Chainz and Tyga.
Molly Mania
The Molly faze won't die. Tyga spoon-feeds the drug to listeners with his new track named after the "lady" these rappers can't seem to get enough of.
Kick It
Tyga is going to kick it in 2013. The Compton rapper will release his new Reebok sneaker line T-Raww next month, which will be followed by this third studio effort in March.
Mad Minks
Tyga is a hit-man on the run in his video for 'Dope,' a collaborative tune with Rick Ross. The song is the lead single from his upcoming LP, 'Hotel California.'
Dope Collabo
Tyga teams up with Rick Ross for 'Dope,' an interesting flip of Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg's 1992 classic song 'Deep Cover.'
Reality TV Drama
Tyga came under plenty of criticism when footage of him on a TV pilot called 'Bustas' emerged in which he renounces his Compton roots. The 'Rack City' emcee is clarifying the context in which his comments were made on the show -- and embracing his hometown.