Odd Future

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Receiving a whopping 92.81 percent of the vote, Nelly was the clear winner of last week's Rap Battle. His opponent, A$AP Rocky, only rounded up 7.19 percent.
Mixtape Review
One of the lesser profiled faces from the Odd Future collective, Mike G, is back and drops his 'Verses' mixtape.
Major News
Hide your kids, hide your wife! Tyler, the Creator is ready to wreak havoc in 2013. The Odd Future leader unveiled his plans for his second album, 'Wolf,' as well as cities and dates for his upcoming tour.
'Loiter Squad'
The diabolocial rap group Odd Future is back to terrorize the idiot box again with the second season of their Adult Swim series, 'Loiter Squad.' The West Coast collective recently unveiled the show's trailer and, yes, it is insane.
Major Brawl
Odd Future have always been known for their wild, onstage antics. Now, a fan of the hip-hop collective claims they went too far and assaulted him.
Top Rap Feuds: Odd Future vs. B.o.B.
This beef really had the most to do with Tyler, the Creator and Bobby Ray. In Tyler’s breakout single 'Yonkers,' he suggests that he wants the “airplane” that B.o.B. was flying in (from his single 'Airplanes') to crash. B.o.B. didn&Clos…