Lil Wayne

10 Hip-Hop and R&B Songs That Have Been Banned
We're in the 21st century, however, there are still struggles with gender, race and sexual preference that are still unavoidable in the world today. From whether or not homosexuals can get married to a woman's right to choose, these are just some of the hot topics that artists have tapped …
Paris x Lil Wayne
A lot of people didn't know just exactly what Paris Hilton's purpose was when she signed to Cash Money Records earlier this year. Her only notable contribution was her appearance in Rich Gang's 'Tapout' video. Even Limp Bizkit got a feature on the 'Rich Gang' album…
Hottest Hip-Hop Wifeys
There's no doubt that being a popular and successful rapper has its perks. There's legions of adoring fans that hang on to your every word, you get to purchase exotic cars and you get to go to places that are even more exotic. However, some would say the biggest perk of…
Clothing for Ladies
Lil Wayne is offering up his wildly popular TRUKFIT line for the ladies. The rapper announced that in addition to his already successful skater-inspired clothing brand, he's launching a juniors line today.
Skateboard Skills
Rapper Meek Mill is known for his dirt bike skills on the streets of Philadelphia, but how is he on a skateboard? Well, it doesn't look promising.
Escort Service
Boxing great Floyd Mayweather was flanked by Lil Wayne and Justin Bieber as they escorted him to the ring before his big fight against Saúl "Canelo" Alvarez Saturday (Sept. 14) in Las Vegas.
Lil Wayne on 'Katie'
Rapper Lil Wayne talks candidly about his upbringing, prison, health issues and retirement on the season premiere of Katie Couric's talk show 'Katie.'
Vote in Our Rap Battle
After three consecutive wins in the Rap Battle, Kid Ink has been dethroned this week by Eminem. It was a close one with Em's 'Berzerk' earning 50 percent of the vote while Kid Ink's 'Bossin Up (Remix)' received 49 percent.
Mixtape Review
Lil Wayne has stumbled from his throne. After declaring himself as the "Best Rapper Alive," Weezy's productivity has waned a bit.
His latest album, 'I Am Not a Human Being II,' didn't do so well sales-wise. On top of that, Wayne has been dealing with his medical …
Mixtape Return
Lil Wayne has been largely absent in the rap game despite releasing his 'I Am Not a Human Being II' album in March. Weezy noticed this too... and he's sorry.

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