20 Best R&B Albums of 2015
The R&B game this year was filled with breakthrough efforts, trap-soul introductions, vintage soul debuts and classic albums from your favorite artists. So we compiled a list of the Best R&B Albums of 2015.
'All About You'
Raekwon debuted one of the most accessible songs of his career with the Estelle-featured 'All About You.' Today, he came out with a video for the hip-hop and R&B-blended cut.
57: Estelle – Powerful Women of 2013
While Estelle's debut LP, 'The 18th Day,' introduced to the public, it wasn't until 'Shine,' her sophomore album, that not only gained her recognition in her native U.K. but also across the Atlantic.
When the second single, 'American Boy,' featuring Kanye West,…