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Diss songs just can't stack up next to Eminem as the rapper took his third consecutive win in this week's Rap Battle. His song, 'Berzerk,' took 69.16 percent of the vote while Cassidy's 'Catch a Body (Meek Mill Diss)' took only 30.84 percent.
Home for Sale
Eminem's childhood home, which was featured on the cover of his 2000 classic album, 'The Marshal Mathers LP,' has recently been placed on the auction block with a minimum bid of $1. Yes, you read that correctly.
New Album
Eminem is giving some gamers a special reward. The lauded MC has partnered with GameStop to give 'Call of Duty' gamers a special edition of his new LP, 'The Marshall Mathers LP 2.
Vote in Our Rap Battle
Eminem's 'Berzerk' is holding on to the top spot in this week's Rap Battle, after beating Lil Wayne's 'You Song' featuring Chance the Rapper. Marshall Mathers walked away with 82.41 percent of the vote while Weezy only took 17.59.
'Berzerk' Video
The vintage Slim Shady makes a return in the visual for his new song, 'Berzerk,' the first effort to arrive from Eminem's forthcoming album, 'The Marshall Mathers LP 2.'
'Berzerk' Trailer
As promised, Eminem delivered a snippet of his new video for his rap-rock banger 'Berzerk' on ESPN's 'Saturday Night Football.' But the real fun was watching Em being interview with hosts Brent Musburger and Kirk Herbstreit.
Vote in Our Rap Battle
After three consecutive wins in the Rap Battle, Kid Ink has been dethroned this week by Eminem. It was a close one with Em's 'Berzerk' earning 50 percent of the vote while Kid Ink's 'Bossin Up (Remix)' received 49 percent.
Vote in Our Rap Battle
Kid Ink has done it again. The remix to 'Bossin' Up' received 69.07 percent of the vote in this week's Rap Battle and easily beat Wiz Khalifa's 'Look Into My Eyes,' which only got 30.93 percent.
A commercial during the MTV Video Music Awards featured a sample of Eminem's new single. The clip offered a listen of a throwback, rock-rap sound, and last night (Aug. 26) fans got the track in full. 'Berzerk,' the rapper's first single off his upcoming 'Marshall Mathers LP …
New Album
The first big surprise at the MTV Video Music Awards came through a commercial Sunday night (Aug. 25). In a TV spot promoted by Beats by Dre, Eminem announced the release date and title for his forthcoming sixth studio album.

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