Brianna Perry

47: Brianna Perry – Powerful Women of 2013
Brianna Perry has been spitting rhymes since she was 10 years old and ended up catching Trina's attention, who later took Perry under wing. The fresh-faced rapper made her debut on 'Kandi,' off Trina's 2002 sophomore album, 'Diamond Princess...
'Mascara Tears'
If there's one thing we learn about Brianna Perry's music videos, she's really into cars. Her last visual, 'Cars,' (obviously) featured the vehicles, and her new video for 'Mascara Tears,' off 'Symphony No. 9,' highlights some sweet rides.
'Cars' Video
The warm weather of summer always brings out the fly chicks in booty shorts and the well-polished hot whips. Miami rapper Brianna Perry brings these two things together in her new video for 'Cars.'
Mixtape Review
Up-and-coming rapper Brianna Perry just released her new mixtape, 'Symphony No. 9.' The collection is a good introduction to the Miami native and her grind in the rap game.