Meet Adam Lefkoe, a sports anchor who has the pleasure of covering the Louisville Cardinals -- a pretty good college football team. He also appears to like hip-hop and pro wrestling ... a lot. To prove it, he tries to insert references as much as possible in his newscasts.

A video of Lefkoe fitting massive amounts of wrestling references went viral earlier this month, and this time, he turned his attention to hip-hop. In his latest newscast, he fit in as many as 46 hip-hop references within five minutes. A lot of them don't even have much to do with the team -- but like Eminem and his propensity for fitting multiple syllables into a bar, Lefkoe finds a way.

A majority of the hip-hop references are pretty easy to pick out, as they include A Tribe Called Quest's 'Award Tour,' a 'Juicy' reference, a 'Can't Touch This' shoutout and a '99 Problems' name-drop. The crazy thing is Lefkoe doesn't sound like he's forcing these references at all. He even sounds poetic at times, when he switches to talking about pro football.

His sign-off is a tad too predictable though, with a nod to the famous "chill till the next episode" line from Dr. Dre's 'Nuthin But a 'G' Thang.'

It all can be a gimmick or an honest shoutout to hip-hop, but either way it's a great way to gain ratings.