Snoop Lion and his pal, former Disney starlet, Miley Cyrus, drop the video for their lament-the-loss-of-those-who-are-no-longer-with-us duet, 'Ashtrays and Heartbreaks.'

The clip features the duo as projections and illusions, and has you wondering -- if only for a brief moment -- if they are the real thing.

The video features Cyrus as a holograph projected onto a glass pane. We see Snoop in similar fashion projected onto a glass facade, dancing to a lazy groove. In another scene, there are multiple images of Snoop, since, you know, just one is never enough.

The plot footage features real people getting through this thing we call life. There's an elderly gent feeding pigeons; a homeless person camped out on the sidewalk; a young man riding his bike; people fighting on the street; and some smoking pot -- all done by Snoop himself, of course.

The images are vivid -- flowers, a girl jumping rope, hands being washed, day laborers on line and more.

Snoop and Miley don't appear side-by-side in the same scene, but we don't need them to. It's all CGI, but they still feel like part of the same action, albeit on a projected level.

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