Shubha Vedula is a prime example of "less is more."

The 17-year old 'Idol' hopeful was doing too much while she sang and played the piano simultaneously then moved towards the front of the stage to perform. Guess she was trying to take a cue from Alicia Keys.

She should've picked one place to perform and stick with it. Vedula was just doing too much -- staying seated at the piano was her best bet.

Nicki Minaj summed up her confusing performance with what will go down as an 'American Idol' quotable. "It almost feels like a mash-up between Christina Aguilera and the 'Gangnam Style' guy [PSY]."

Trying to please the audience and the judges was just too much for her, which lead to her downfall.

Watch Shubha Vedula Sing Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' on 'American Idol'