We know there are plenty of rappers and R&B singers with muscular physiques and sexy silhouettes thanks to social media sites like Twitter and Instagram. Just like you (we know you're guilty), they also indulge in taking "selfies" -- taking a photo of themselves, which usually happens to be in front of a mirror, or having someone else take one of them.

These stars prove they've got major sex appeal due to flaunting their abs or showing off curves in all the right places. Artists like Rihanna are notorious for throwing up a selfie -- or 10 -- for your viewing pleasure. Check out our collection of eye-catching celebrity selfies below.

Azealia Banks' Instagram account is littered with sex appeal. She has a tight body and is not afraid to flaunt it. With smiley faces covering her breasts and a barely-there pantsuit, this controversial rap star is all about showing what she's got.

Trey Songz has a voice that makes the ladies fall in love and a smile to go with it. But women, look in his direction with caution. TheDrop.fm is not responsible for any heartbreak that may come as a result of falling for the crooner.

If you thought Kelly Rowland looked good back when she began her career with Destiny's Child, these photos will drive you wild. Here are two selfies that prove the girl still has it -- amazing legs and abs like a rock included. Doesn't she make you want to go to the gym?

T.I. has always had swag, but who knew what he had hiding under those baggy clothes all these years. In this gym selfie, the southern spitter gives the ladies a sneak peek of what he looks like while working out.  He's ripped!

Putting Rick Ross on our sexy selfie list is not a joke. We love all shapes and sizes here. In this shirtless pic, the boss reveals his entire torso and it's completely covered in tattoos! This is proof to the world that he's not afraid of pain considering this is a lot of surface area to cover with a tattoo needle. No pain, no gain and that's definitely sexy.

Rita Ora's petite frame looks super fit in a two-piece. We love her flirtatious style and tomboyish appeal in these bikini pics.

Every lady loves a man that cleans up well. We kinda prefer Wale this way -- all suited-up and looking super fresh.

Ciara's dance moves and athleticism may be the key reason why she has such an amazingly toned body. Just look at those arms. No one should mess with Ciara.

There is no question that Keri Hilson is a perfect 10. Her tummy is flat, pose is sexy and confidence is shining through. The sun is blazing in Mexico but the singer is the one that's super hot.

Alicia Keys looks classy and beautiful rocking this short curly cut, sequin top and a huge smile. Sometimes sexiness doesn't have to be overt, it just radiates outwards from within.

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