New R&B singer Sevyn Streeter pays tribute to the late great Aaliyah with a cover of her song ‘Come Over.’

Streeter visited Aaliyah’s high school in Detroit while on a recent promotional tour. While there, she penned an open letter to the lauded songstress expressing how much the singer impacted her life.

"You made us feel comfortable in our own skin...we feel just as comfortable in our sweats and sneakers as we do in our jeans and heel,” she wrote, which can be readon her website. Streeter continues with “Putting in the 'Dr. Doolittle' soundtrack--and learning the choreography to 'Are You That Somebody' on the porch....That's what you did. You made us all feel like we were good enough to be you."

Backed by a guitarist, Streeter paid tribute to Aaliyah with her own version of 'Come Over.'

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