There was no love and hip-hop going on at an album release party in Chicago Wednesday night (March 20), where seven people were shot by at least one gunman.

Rappers Lil Mouse and King Samson were performing during an event at Mr. G's Entertainment Center when a fight broke out prior to the shooting, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Hundreds of people were at the party, filled with mostly 20-somethings. Police say someone threw a chair and then guns shots were heard, causing the crowd to panic and begin running away from the club.

There is speculation that the violence was gang-related but police are still investigating the incident. The cameras inside the club also weren't working that night.

Justin Lewis, King Samson's manager, sent out a tweet about the shooting. "Condolences to all the victims. (King Samson) does not promote violence, we fight against violence."

Thirteen-year-old rapper Lil Mouse is known widely for his gun-waving video 'Get Smoked,' which went viral last summer.

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