Rico Love steps out from behind the production board to bring his talents to the forefront as an artist at a time where we're seeing a resurgence in R&B. On Aug. 8, the songwriter-producer welcomed a few members of the press to Premier Studios in New York City for an intimate listening session for his ‘Discrete Luxury’ EP, out today.

According to Rico, this five-track effort is “a small body of work to introduce myself to the game." He also finds an outlet in front of the soundboard to share some of his personal stories for the first time.

In case you're not familiar, the man has his own record label, Division1, and written some of hip-hop and R&B’s standout hits including Melanie Fiona's ‘4 A.M.,' Trey Songz's ‘Heart Attack,' T.I.'s 'Ball' and Usher's ‘There Goes My Baby,' among many others.

‘Discrete Luxury’ is his version of what he lives and sees everyday. Both men and woman will find a song or two that they'll relate to on the EP, as his topics range from sharing a woman of your choice to “holding a mirror to some of the things women are doing.”

It’s not all soft R&B either. Rico shows off not only his smooth skills, but he's also not afraid to spit some bars either.

The room’s two favorite tracks included ‘Everybody’s Girl,’ and ‘To My Ex,’ which also features his newest Divison1 signee, Tiara Thomas. There were requests to listen to the track a few more times as everyone tried to pick their favorite song.

‘Everybody’s Girl’ tells a story about having interest in a one woman, but she's out with different guys or at some studio hanging out with the next artist. It’s a track that every male can relate to at one time or another, and definitely stands out as possibly the best track on the project.

‘Bitches Be Like’ -- inspired by the infamous meme -- isn't on the final 'Discrete Luxury' tracklist, but was played at the listening session. If Rico does release the song in the future, it will surely take the hip-hop world by storm with some creative promotion behind it.

This EP is a precursor to Rico's upcoming full-length album, 'Turn On the Lights,' out next year. Although the singer wasn't allowed to debut any music from that project, he accidentally played a few seconds of a song that sounded promising.

‘Discrete Luxury’ is available for download on iTunes.

Listen to Rico Love's 'To My Ex' Feat. Tiara Thomas

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