When you really think about it, Rick Ross probably isn't that rare of a name. There's surely plenty more less famous, more svelte people who share the moniker beside famed drug trafficker "Freeway" Ricky Ross, the man who inspired the rapper's alias. A Tumblr web site picked up on that, and the result is hilarious.

White People (Also) Named Rick Ross collects photos of individuals who share the Maybach Music Group leader's name. The men named Rick Ross include actual bosses, registered sex offenders and men's basketball coaches, among others.

The 'God Forgives, I Don't' creator doesn't seem to have any real competition in his rap lane, as there isn't anyone using the same nom de guerre with a lucrative hip-hop career listed.

None of the listed Rick Rosses have any sort of similar nicknames to the Miami don nor have his easily recognizable beard either. Rozay's identity probably won't be confused with others on the site, but the other less lyrically inclined Rick Rosses are still worth a look.

"Rick is a pathological liar plain and simple…he uses women for money and when he is finished throws them away like trash…he meets every girl on some website he hardly calls mostly texts..he always gets a motel says he is working in your area and you will never go to his home sinve [sic] th his "he has an ongoing relationship .with his 'roomate'…he has 9 month old twins he has never even acknowledged every story from his past is a lie if you come in contact with this sick twisted f---ing run don't walk!!"


"Guys Just Wanna Have Fun album for sale by Rick Ross was released Feb 27, 2001 on the Salmon Brook label. Recording information: Granby, CT; MultiMusic Services, West Hartford, CT; The Rythm Shop. Personnel: Rick Ross (vocals, guitar, electric guitar, 12-string guitar, slide guitar); Rick Handville (guitar, electric guitar); Tom Hanford (fiddle)."