It is no big surprise that hip-hop has some raunchy roots. That’s because when an art form like hip-hop becomes the voice of rebellion, there’s a no holds barred approach to the content of the lyrics. For better or worse, rappers have pushed the envelope regarding what can exist within a song without making people faint once they hear it. Perhaps that’s an extreme reaction, but there are tons of tracks that make listeners blush, and we have several listed below. Just a warning: some of these lyrics will have you clutching your pearls or gasping for air. They’re pretty over the top.

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    Azealia Banks Feat. Lazy Jay

    "F--- him like you do want to cum / Your gay will get discovered in the two-one-deuce / Cock-a-licking in the water by the blue bayou / Caught the warm goo in your du-rag too."

    Okay, wait what? “Caught the warm goo in your du-rag too?” Ew. Bet you never realized Azealia Banks was saying all of THAT in her debut single, right? We were all too fixated on her Mickey Mouse sweater to even realize she was rapping about “cock-a-licking” and all of that other stuff. See this is one of those examples where maybe we were better off not knowing what was said in the middle of a fast-rhyming tantrum.

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    'I Shot Ya (Remix)'

    LL Cool J Feat. Keith Murray, Prodigy, Fat Joe & Foxy Brown

    "Want to creep, on the light raw ass cheeks / I'm sexin' raw dog without protection, disease infested," Foxy Brown

    So the way the story goes, Foxy Brown came into the studio with LL Cool J and them and spit this verse that showed up on the “I Shot Ya” remix. The dudes in the room were so floored that little Inga said something like, “sexin' raw dog without protection, disease infested” that they absolutely had to have her on the track. So here’s a prime example of how a little raunch goes a long long way.

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    'Bandz a Make Her Dance'

    Juicy J Feat. 2 Chainz & Lil Wayne

    "She make that ass clap dancing like she on a d--- / Bring it back I threw a stack that's a lucky bitch / Up and down she's going she's sliding on that pole / Making money stacking up hundreds shawty cold."

    Correct us if we’re wrong, Juicy J, but you are describing a stripper here, right? Wait, sorry, an “exotic dancer.” Anyone who has never been to a strip club doesn’t really need to after listening to 'Bandz a Make Her Dance' because J basically broke down the entire Strip Nation tutorial. He did you all a huge favor. Don’t even bother wasting money on pole dancing classes either. This right here is the entire semester. Class is dismissed.

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    'P---- Monster'

    Lil Wayne

    "Like lala la lala la lala la lala la lala lala lalala la / Imagine if I did that with your pearly on my tongue / I make that p---- talk to me / I could make it jump."

    Never one to miss an opportunity to gross people out, Lil Wayne has a whole catalog of lyrics dedicated to the female reproductive organs. It was tough picking which line exactly made us cringe the most, but say “lala la lala la lala la lala la lala lala lalala la” out loud and you’ll probably have goosebumps immediately. Apparently Wayne can make a woman’s lower half talk. Is he the p---- whisperer now?

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    'No Time' Feat. Diddy

    Lil' Kim

    "You the best, Da Da / Now watch mama, go up and down d--- to jaw crazy / Uhh! Say my name baby / Before you nut, I'ma dribble down your butt cheeks / Make you wiggle, then giggle just a little."

    Fans of Lil' Kim’s classic 'No Time' might have never heard this version if they didn’t check it out on her album 'Hardcore.' The single said something like, “And you know, ain’t no one like the Queen Bee / Have ya speakin in French la la oui oui” or something. There was no talk about dribbling down butt cheeks. If this is your first time learning the real lyrics, then prepare to have your mind blown. Among other things.

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    'Martians vs. Goblins' Feat. Tyler, the Creator


    "F--- you, I spit like I had kids with Erykah Badu / I f---ed her on the day of the 'Naked' video shoot / I was sucking that p---y like it was Won Ton soup."

    Has Erykah Badu ever commented on record about her honorary mention on Game’s 'Martians vs. Goblins' off his 'The R.E.D. Album'? Would you respond if the song was about you? Probably not. Jayceon Taylor gave quite the visual comparing his oral skills to eating soup, Won Ton soup at that! On a video set even! Well, if anyone could get away with speaking of soup-slurping and Badu in the same sentence it’s Game. So well, done Charles Louboutin! Well done.

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    'Pop That Coochie'

    2 Live Crew

    "Bend over and spread 'em girl / Show me those p---- pearls / Rub that ass and play with that clit / You know I like that freaky s---."

    Classic raunch at its finest! 2 Live Crew practically invented nasty lyrics in rap, with Uncle Luke being the forefather of skanky lines. 'Pop That Coochie' -- 'Pop That P----' on the album -- was one of those rare horrifying gems in hip-hop, where the lyrics are just so nasty that there should be an X-rated warning on them. In fact, there was a major warning on them at one time long ago, back when parental advisory labels were just starting to get placed on LPs. Shout out to Tipper Gore.

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    'Freaky Gurl (Remix)'

    Gucci Mane Feat. Nicki Minaj & Lil' Kim

    "Umm, let me think, what could I do to kick it off? / How about I cum all on your d--- and then I lick it off?" Nicki Minaj

    Before Nicki Minaj was a pop princess boarding starships (they’re meant to fly, after all) she was on her New York City grimy shtick, rapping very differently. While the Queens, N.Y., MC still manages to insert some raunch into her lyrics (remember Young Money’s 'BedRock” and the “sideburns” line?) it was nowhere near the levels of this early career line off Gucci Mane’s 'Freaky Gurl (Remix)' -- the original track sat on his 'Trap-a-Thon' LP. Wonder what the Barbz and Ken Barbz think of lines like these?

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    'Put It in Your Mouth'


    "I’m all about mouth f---in' / Only if you down for d--- suckin' / If not a B.J. and a beer keep truckin' / And f--- chapsticks / I’m coming ashy as hell with chapped d---s for your chapped ass lips."

    Oh, Akinyele. Putting the “oh face” in oral sex with the “classic” track 'Put It in Your Mouth.' The real star of the show though is this poor girl on the hook, who starts the song like she’s in church and slowly starts begging as the effort continues. Her high-pitched Michel’le-esque voice is a stark contrast to Ak’s scary, gruff voice. You have to feel sorry for that woman by the end of the song.

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    'Still Not a Player'

    Big Pun

    "I could go downstairs / Little brown hairs everywhere / 'You nasty, Twin!' I don’t care / Round here they call me Big Pun / If you with the big guns, thick tongue / Known to make a chick cum."

    In case anyone is wondering, yes, Big Pun is speaking about pubic hair. There, that settles it. While 'Still Not a Player' became something of a hip-pop classic, that line always slid under the radar or managed to get bleeped out on the radio. If you watch the video, though, you can see Pun doing this weird thing with his tongue and then you know that he is rhyming about something disgusting. R.I.P. Pun, but that line is still so gross.

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