There are plenty of rappers on Instagram, but we were pleasantly surprised to see that hip-hop icon Q-Tip has now joined the popular photo-sharing website.

Unlike his fellow rap peers, qtiptheabstract (his Instagram username) didn't post a selfie or a picture of his meal. Instead, he posted a photo of the original lyric sheet to the classic A Tribe Called Quest song 'Check the Rhime' from 'The Low End Theory' album.

From what we gather by looking at this piece of hip-hop history, we see that Q-Tip wrote the lyrics on a yellow notepad and it features a couple of misspellings. The veteran rhyme-slinger also crossed out a few verses that probably wouldn't have fit in the song. Good call Abstract!

And Q-Tip's classic line from the song appears, written as "Industry Rule 4 thousand and 80 / Record company people are shaaddy."

So far, thereare only two photos on his page. Hopefully, Q-Tip will continue to give his 4,000 followers a hip-hop history lesson through photos. And maybe share a selfie or two.

In the meantime, Q-Tip is reportedly working on his fourth solo album, 'The Last Zulu,' which is slated for release on Def Jam/G.O.O.D. Music in 2014.

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