A few weeks ago, Pusha T said his 'My Name Is My Name' album is going to have the best production in the world. Of course, no one else can really vouch for that claim yet, but 'Numbers On the Board' and his new song, 'Sweet Serenade', make a strong case.

The new single features Chris Brown on the hook and Swizz Beatz on production.

There's a dark presence here as the drum patterns constantly cut through the operatic vocal samples in the beat. It's a minimalist backdrop, but the lack of elements doesn't at all lighten the tone.

Chris Brown, who said his upcoming 'X' will be his last album, adds to the mood by playing the coy, bad influence on the hook. Pusha T switches up the street aesthetic he had in his last single, but his signature wordplay is still there. In the beginning of his first verse, he playfully messes with basketball terminology: "Triple doubles, both wrist and neck freeze / Triple doubles, two bricks and tech squeeze / Triple doubles, two hoes and cheque please." The stark background is clearly his playground.

After over a year of wait, 'My Name Is My Name' is slated to drop on Oct. 8.

Listen to 'Sweet Serenade' Feat. Chris Brown