Since the year 2000, Project Pat has been putting in work, being one of the first artists out of the Memphis hip-hop scene to break nationally. And now 13 years later, he releases 'Cheez N Dope 2,' put together by a string of producers like Drumma Boy, Ricky Racks, Gotti, Crazy Mike and Lil Awree.

Plus, fellow rapper Wiz Khalifa drops by for a feature, as well as Mac Miller and a few others. And of course Pat's little brother Juicy J contributes some bars.

Obviously, the tape is a follow up to the first 'Cheez N Dope' project, released back in January, and from the start of the tape, Pat pulls listeners in by giving them what he refers to as "OG talks."

OG talks are lessons he gives on the streets, hip-hop and life in general, and he gives these talks throughout the tape, using them to bridge certain songs.

After the first talking lesson is done, things get quickly underway with the cut 'Real Killas Don't Talk,' as Pat schools the next generation on proper street etiquette. And on 'Make A Sell,' he delves further into the OG role, and talks about his past of being a drug dealer. Over soulful background voices and a sharp hitting snare, Pat talks about hustling, but doesn't choose to glamorize it.

"I remember nights when there was no lights / And there was no heat / Those was some cold nights / Some hot days no AC no clientele / Riding around trying to make a sale," he recalls.

And that's just an example of why 'Cheez N Dope 2' gets high marks. Not only is it packed with interesting stories with very believable street themes, Pat's lyrics have a certain kind of wisdom to them.

With each song, it's like he's trying to say to the listener "Look, I haven't always made the right choices and I've made some mistakes, but I've learned from those mistakes and I want to pass on what I know."

It's not every day that you hear that side of street-life in hip-hop songs.

Musically, it seems that all of the producers know exactly what Pat sounds best over, as the entire album moves with a soulful ease that's perfect for driving around and disturbing everyone with the heavy baselines.

Basically, if you liked the Juicy J produced 'International Players Anthem,' with OutKast and UGK, you'll like the whole feel of this project.

Take the cut 'Ridin' Drankin' Smokin' Thankin'' for example. Producer Lil Awree samples a soft vocal melody that floats in and out of Pat's vocals nicely, giving the song a real grown-and-sexy feel.

The only flaw on 'Cheez N Dope 2,' is that it might be too grown-and-sexy-for some, as many tracks are very laid back and have a certain calmness that some fans may not like. But if you think about it, that's not really a flaw, that's more a matter of choice and taste.

All in all, Project Pat and his producers put together a fine piece of work with 'Cheez N Dope 2.' It's nice to hear a project with quality beats, sincere rhymes and a touch of street wisdom. It's definitely worth the download.



Listen to Project Pat's 'Cheez N Dope 2' Mixtape

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