Nicki Minaj saved this man's life. If it weren't for her pleading to Randy Jackson, he would be going home, and not to Hollywood. Guess it was the corkiness looking out for Papa Peachez.

Singing an original song, the self-proclaimed "big, black woman trapped in a little boy's body" -- identity crisis, perhaps -- does have some chords and power behind his voice, but Randy's got a point, "vocally, he's not [a special artist]." Scaling down the theatrics like Keith Urban suggested could help this dude move forward if he hopes to go deep into the competition.

Nicki might be a bit happier now that she's got someone else as eccentric as her on the show. Papa Peachez could have some longevity on 'Idol' if he can stay to who he is, but put more emphasis on his voice, and a bit less on the theatrics.

Watch Papa Peachez Perform an Original Song

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