N.O.R.E., aka P.A.P.I., gets a refresher course in hip-hop history in his new video, 'The Problem (Lawwwddd).'

In the Will Millions-directed clip, the Queens rapper plays a student of the game -- the same title of his recently released fourth album. Classic hip-hop visuals like Adidas, track suits and gold chains are interspersed over current cliches like gold-plated bikes and stripper-esque vixens.

Though Pharrell is featured on the track, he doesn't actually make an appearance in the video.

This isn't the first time N.O.R.E. and the Neptunes producer have collaborated. They famously joined forces in 2002, for the hit 'Nothin'' and earlier, on 1998's 'Super Thug.'

Outside of the music, the Queens rapper participated in TheDrop.fm's Go Fishing series recently to answer some questions about life, family and women. Check out his hilarious answers to some hot topics below.