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N.O.R.E. and Scott Disick come from two vastly different worlds. But that doesn't mean the two can't combine their talents to create a rather hilarious final product. On the rapper's new album, 'Student of the Game,' he brings back the lost art form of the hip-hop skit, giving Disick the opportunity to come along for the ride. Face it, emcees don't make 'em like they used to -- remember the Chinese restaurant skit from the Fugees' 'The Score'?

So how did the 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' star link up with a guy from Lefrak City? He's a big rap supporter. "In some weird way, Scott is a N.O.R.E. fan," the Queens native reveals. Thanks to one of the rapper's Terror Squad boys, they both connected.

After a night of partying at LIV nightclub in Miami and throwing back drinks, N.O.R.E. invited Disick to join him in the studio, where he was putting the finishing touches on his fourth official album. The result? A 29-second skit entitled 'Scott Disick Speaks.' "It was organic," N.O.R.E. reveals. "It wasn't something like we planned it out. We just came in, [Scott] was drunk, we were drunk. We were poppin' s---, having fun doing what guys do. And he wanted to get on the mic."

Watch N.O.R.E. explain in detail how Scott Disick's skit came to be in the video above. To hear the comical recording, 'Scott Disick Speaks,' get the rhymer's 'Student of the Game' LP, out now.