Nicki Minaj knows her way around a hunk and has the nose to prove it.

The rapper introduced her new Minajesty scent on 'Ellen' recently, and was asked by the talk show host to spot (while blindfolded) where the scent was sprayed on three guests. Of course, the three guests were hot male models who just so happened to be shirtless. The job of a rapper has its perks.

Rocking a pink blindfold, Nicki's first guess was wrong but she eventually pointed to the right spot.

Last month, Nicki debuted the fairytale-inspired ad campaign for her fragrance which features the glamorous diva in a ruffled pink ball gown in a forest.

The Queen Barbz also premiered a commercial for her Minajesty fragrance. Watch it below:

Watch Nick Minaj's Minajesty Commercial