New Jersey rapper Ransom recently released a song in which his words were interpreted as him claiming he was a ghostwriter for Nicki Minaj. He found out the hard way that's not the type of statement you want to make against the outspoken Young Money star, as she mercilessly blasted him in front of TMZ's camera.

Minaj didn't use much tact as she not only dismissed his ghostwriting claims; she straight up dissed Ransom's entire career. She started her ethering by saying his alleged ghostwriting work was absurd because, “I rap better than him.” She dug deeper as she continued her rant.

"I’m not even a man and n---- got my d--- in they mouth,” Minaj said. She continued saying, "I don't need no motherf---ing ghostwriter. So if you're telling that lie you must be real f---ing desparate, and you still ain't gonna pop."

Man Alone