Nicholas Mathis has us SMH-ing. After flopping on 'American Idol' during a shaky performance of Bruno Mars' 'Locked out of Heaven,' Mathis broke down and started crying.

He didn't stop there. He went on to ask for the cameraman to get out of his face, and screamed, "They don't know what I'm going through!" We feel for you man, we really do, but ranting and raving on national TV is not going to solve your problems.

What makes this rather funny is Mathis' exclamation that he sings better than half the people in the competition, and wants to prove his talent by singing a random song. This man had a chance to showcase the fact he has prize vocal chops compared to other contestants, and he didn't -- or rather couldn't. On top of that, he chose to perform the Bruno Mars track. This one is clearly on him.

Watch Nicholas Mathis Lose His Cool on 'American Idol'