Mystikal has been in and out of trouble but he's choosing to steer clear of the drama and focus on putting out new music. Though he hasn't released an album in 12 years -- since his fifth LP, 'Tarantula' -- this year he'll put the finishing touches on a new one.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, the 42-year-old New Orleans rapper recently discussed the creative process behind his upcoming album, 'Original,' due in June.

"The sound that's prominent on the radio, and on hit records now, all that sound the same," Mystikal says. "I don't want all my hits to sound like that. I'm writing songs to perform, to entertain. And when I'm really trying to get inspired, I go backwards and I just rap."

The 'Shake Ya Ass' rhymer has been working on 'Original' since 2010, when he was released from a six-year prison bid. He then went back to jail for a three-month sentence in April 2012, after violating his probation. Although more than a decade has passed, he's still confident in his ability to move the people with his music.

"We've been f---in' getting it. It's the difference being the age I am now as opposed to a few years ago," he states. "The opportunities are so vast and the machine is primed and running. All you have to do is put me in front of the people and put the beat in front of me, and the rest is history."

His latest single, 'Hit Me,' dropped in December 2012.

Listen to Mystikal's 'Hit Me'