A custody battle between rapper M.I.A. and her former fiance Benjamin Bronfman has turned ugly.

The war between the two is over their 4-year-old son Ikhyd.

According to Page Six, Bronfman filed a restraining order again M.I.A. after she threatened to take their son to her native London. Bronfman and Ikhyd live in Brooklyn, N.Y., where he also attends school.

“M.I.A has been texting and calling Ben, saying she will take their son to London, even though they both live in Brooklyn and the child goes to school there," a source told Page Six.

The 'Born Free' creator was apparently hit with the papers last night and she responded by venting her outrage on Twitter.

She wrote, “BEN you cant take my son away from me… Just because you have money doesnt mean you have the right…(sic) THE BRONFMANS WANT TO TAKE MY CHILD AWAY FROM ME. WHAT KIND OF S--- IS THAT? THEY NEVER SEE HIM.” She adds, “Every child needs the MOTHER, I GREW UP WITHOUT A DAD. If (I) grew up without my mother i wouldn’t be here.”

She has since deleted the tweets.

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