After listening to Master P's new mixtape, 'Famous Again,' it's easy to get the impression that he's out to prove a few things -- probably to himself and to a new generation of listeners who might not be willing to give him a fair chance.

So to help get the youth's attention, he's enlisted heavy hitters like Wiz Khalifa, Chief Keef, Chris Brown, Tyga and Game just for starters, and he's grabbed a few up-and-comers like Young Louie and Clyde Carson.

'Famous Again' is P's latest release since dropping his 'Al Capone' mixtape earlier this year, and from the first cut 'Yea I'm Rich,' it's evident he's spruced up his lyrical delivery and backed it with strong production from producers like Young Bugatti, 1500 or Nothin and JB.

With Master P being a legend of sorts, both for his successful No Limit label in the '90s, and for the millions of record he's sold, it would be very easy for him to coast through 'Famous Again' and slap together a bunch of lyrics and uninspired sounds. But he didn't do that.

Instead, Master P put together a project that actually sounds more like an album, due to its big songs and A-list features. The opening cut 'Yeah I'm Rich,' featuring his son Romeo, has an epic grab-your-attention-quality to it, which is necessary if an artist wants to pull listeners in.

Produced by Young Bugatti, the keyboard-driving track has a movie score feel to it, as P tells listeners that he's far from being broke, despite being out of the limelight for a while.

Songs like 'Makes You Stronger,' featuring Dee-1, shows that P can get a little lyrical when he wants. 'I got millions invested, applied knowledge for billions / You mammals regular lizards, I turned colors chameleon," P spits over a muted electric guitar.

Dee-1 shines on the cut too. "And I'm back again, audio dope I'm trafficking / Got a foot up in the door, now I'm coming for the door, running fast like a African," he raps in CeeLo Green style circa 1995.

Arguably one of the strongest cuts on the album is 'Like Whaaat Remix of the Remix,' featuring Wiz Khalifa, Tyga and a rapping Chris Brown. The track itself seems to pull from '90s West Coast sounds, as a melodic synthesizer floats in and out of the verses quite nicely.

What separates 'Famous Again' from being just another thrown together mixtape is Master P's lyrics, which have a nice balance of braggadocio and hard-earned wisdom. And while he's seemingly eager to let people know that he's young enough to be relevant, he's not afraid to play elder statesman on some songs and teach a little bit. But it doesn't come off as corny.

In 'You Need to Know,' P gives listeners a bevy of life lessons and warns rappers about the harshness of record labels and how label owners don't really care about its artists.

"While Richard Branson having fun flying in space, these artist out here starving catching a case," rhymes Master P.

With pretty solid production, especially by mixtape standards, 'Famous Again' is a pretty strong effort from the 'Ice Cream Man,' aside from a handful of songs that seem to cover the same ground unnecessarily ('We Good' and 'Last Year.')

But with P's modern day sound and youthful approach, 'Famous Again' might be the stepping stone he needs to get back to commercial glory one day. Only time will tell.


Listen to Master P's 'Famous Again' Mixtape