When Mario and Nicki Minaj gave us a sneak peek of their new video, 'Somebody Else,' last month, the clips didn't really show the true storyline. However, the two have just released the official visual.

The video opens with a shot of a city skyline with sirens blaring in the background. Then the visual fades to a shot of Mario lying "dead" on a car.

Although he's portrayed coming back to life to sing the song, the video follows the aftermath of an argument between Mario and Minaj about their on-screen relationship. The lyrics seem to go so well with the temptation, infidelity and ultimate breakup that occurs in the song.

While viewers wonder why Mario is on top of the car, we are later alluded to the fact that Minaj, who's wearing an all black dominatrix-esque outfit, gets her revenge and probably pushed him out the window. While this is all speculation, it does fit with the angry storyline that's embedded in this unhappy ending.

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