She's one and done. Mariah Carey's PR firm let the world know that the diva has exited 'American Idol' after one lucrative season as a judge. Her reps did so via a tweet issued with little fanfare. It's like she exited through the back door, stopping to confirm what everyone already knew with a Miss America-like wave goodbye.

The fact that 'Idol' producers were less-than-pleased with the Season 12 panelists quickly became the worst kept secret in show biz. While we'll likely never know if she really did quit or if she was not asked to return, Carey officially announced her departure with class.

The tweet is much more effective than sending a press release, allowing Carey to bow out gracefully.

It was not a shock that Carey, who was handsomely paid for her role as a judge, would follow her former manager and original judge Randy Jackson, who announced his exit earlier this month.

The verbal battle royales with Nicki Minaj prior to the season were laughable when they were likely meant to be dramatic to entice viewers. That, combined with the show's dipping ratings during Season 12 , as well as the overall lack of chemistry on the judge's panel, pretty much assured that Carey bought a one-way ticket and was just passing through the 'Idol' set on the way to her next adventure, which is a tour, according to the PMK tweet.

Mimi's nemesis Minaj also bounced. She took to Twitter to say buh-bye to the show.

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