As we watched Mariah Carey on this season of 'American Idol,' it's obvious that she's been looking fitter than ever. But the songstress shows us just how good she looks in her new video for '#Beautiful.'

Dressed in leather booty shorts, pumps and a black crop top with so many cut-outs it looks more like a swimsuit than anything else, Carey looks like she's having a grand time riding on a motorcycle driven by Miguel.

The video doesn't have any particular storyline, but the two are later seen in a barn where Miguel is chilling in a hot rod while watching Carey do a little dance for him. We're not too sure how hubby Nick Cannon feels about all the flirtation going on, but then again, it's all acting, right?

Although we may not think Carey is in the right attire to be riding a motorcycle (wind burn, anyone?), the visual perfectly highlights the joys of new loves, flings and the summer.

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