When Drake released his soothing ballad, 'Hold On, We're Going Home,' the song featured someone named Majid Jordan, which begged the question: Who the heck is Majid Jordan? Well, here's what we gathered so far.

Majid Jordan are actually two Toronto musicians named Majid Al Maskati and Jordan Ullman who were formerly called Good Friends. The singing-production duo are the newest signees to Drizzy's OVO Sound imprint, along with fellow Canadian singer PARTYNEXTDOOR.

According to BarrelhouseBKLYN, Majid is the one who sings, and Jordan is the one who handles the production in the group.

Majid Jordan's 'Afterhours' EP should also provide a few answers, at least musically, of why Drake enlisted them for 'Hold On, We're Going Home.' Their eight-song opus, which is actually a re-release from 2012, boasts a soulful blend of '80s and '90s R&B sounds.

On the first track, 'Take Control,' the duo produces a dancehall groove with keyboard synths and plucky guitars with Majid, presumably, singing about what he's not hearing on the radio.

The following song, 'Hold Tight,' is tailor-made for the dance floor. The duo samples the vocals of '80s funk band Change on top of a soulful groove and whining synthesizers to create a fresh throwback-sounding banger (think of Robin Thicke's 'Blurred Lines').

It continues on 'Give Me a Reason (For Lovin' You),' which sounds like something that was produced by '80s R&B band Ready for the World. Over computer blips, electro drums and spacey keyboards, Majid offers to give his undying love to a potential lover.

Elsewhere, Majid Jordan goes acoustic with only an electric guitar on the minimalist R&B ballad, 'Chill Pad Deluxe.' And on the infectious 'Patience,' with it's delicate piano grooves and finger-snapping beat, Majid sings about unrequited love.

Overall, 'Afterhours' is a good introduction to Majid Jordan and it appears they are an excellent fit on Drake's OVO Sound label.

There's no question we will be hearing more from this talented singing-production duo in the future.


Listen to Majid Jordan's 'Afterhours' EP