On Season 3, Episode 9 of ‘Love & Hip Hop,’ Yandy has a run-in with Rashidah at her event and who do they talk about: Mandeecees.

Apparently he and Rashidah had a fling long ago. This news bothers Yandy so she confronts Mandeecees about Rashidah's reckless comments. The couple talk it out and he makes reference to marriage while smoothing things over with Yandy. We're not sure yet if he's really serious about putting a ring on her finger.

Rich Dollaz, our main man, is still dealing with Erica Mena drama. He has a sit-down with his mom over dinner to get some advice from her regarding his business relationship with Erica.

“You’ve been on the blogs lately?” she asks him. “You can’t be having this type of stuff out there. You look like an idiot.” She refers to how Erica is perceived as a joke in the media. Momma Rich thinks her son should let Erica keep 'Where Do I Go From Here,' the song she recorded, but Rich doesn't want to be Mr. Nice Guy anymore. He decides to give the track to Olivia.

In other drama, Rashidah confronts Raqi during a charity due to the latter gossiping about her. "My problem is that you keep my name in your mouth," Rashidah tells Raqi. "You’re hip-hop’s whore. You lay on your back and you get nothing. Come on over here, let me help you get this paper." Raqi eventually plays her and calls her "Ronald McDonald." The red hair is kind of blinding.

Tahiry meets with her manager Cisco, who tells her straight up to let Joe Budden go. She's heard that one before, but will she listen? In the meantime, things are looking up for her musically. Cisco reveals he has new features for her 'Devil' track -- Uncle Murda and Styles P lay down verses.

During her video shoot for 'Devil,' Tahiry is focused. But then Joe shows up to “support” her. Cisco feels he's up to no good. He tells everyone on the set to take a break and gives Joe a few minutes to speak to Tahiry -- that doesn't really end the way we hoped. Tahiry gives him yet another chance. Now we are over them.

In the meantime, Lore'l records a track with Consequence but she's not comfortable with a line he wrote in the song saying "Light-skinned is the right skin." Completely thrown by it, she goes to Raqi and asks for advice. Raqi tells Lore'l about the offensive comment Cons girl Jen told her during their argument about their radio show. "I'm white. It will get done," Raqi mimicked Jen saying, in reference to the latter getting a job. “She’s his white Nubian queen," Raqi joked.

Later on, Lore'l sits down with Cons to break it to him that if he can't remove the line she's not releasing the record. “I wouldn't do that kind of record,” said Lore'l. They agree it won't be happening.

Feeling desperation to save what she has with Rich, Erica goes to Yandy for some clairvoyance. Erica expresses to Yandy she wants to "have both" Rich's management and his personal connection. Yandy encourages Erica to prove herself. She says that she can have what she wants but she has to make it right.

Unfortunately, the events spiral even further downward when Erica shows up during Olivia's recording session at the studio. Liv just got finished recording 'Where Do I Go From Here,' the track Erica thought was going to be her big hit. Rich shows no mercy when Erica begins to complain about the fact he's giving the song to Liv. She leaves the room and Erica starts breaking down.

"You haven't signed the contract," Rich says as he refers to her non-compliance with his usual business practices. "At some point, it’s like the girl who cried wolf."

"I'm sorry if I don’t sit around and wait like your other clients," Erica yells at him in dramatic fashion.

"I don’t even feel the emotion right now because I did all I could do to help you,” he responds.

“You woke me up because now I can go back to being me,“ Erica says. "I’ma get me a song and I’m gonna get on the radio." The drama never ends.

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