Smooth jazzy sounds fill the 6ix-co-produced beat in Logic's second single, "Like Woah" from his forthcoming sophomore album, The Incredible True Story.

"Ay this that s---," the Maryland native says before the drums kick in. "I've been feeling like a mothaf-----' postman / Sending letters to the people / All this knowledge that I got, I'm like an old man / Hold up, wait now oh man!" boasts the 25-year-old rhymer's voice through the mellow backdrop.

As the No Pressure creator drops some insight on what's to be expected on his next album through the tracks off the EP, he also explained what inspired him.

"There were sonic inspirations, of course, you know from contemporary hip-hop artists to old Ye to Wu-Tang to [A Tribe Called Quest]," he told "But it's all in a way sonically independent on it's own, I think as a whole."

Logic's fellow rapper and friend Childish Gambino also helped him set a mindset for the rap game. "This dude gets called sus, gay, this...all these other things and he's human. And I'm sure to some degree it affects him," he said. "But he doesn't let it affect his creativity."

"It's like f--- everybody. F--- everybody. At the end of the day I'm making music that millions of people listen to," he adds.

Logic's next project, The Incredible True Story, along with a highly anticipated accompanying sci-fi short film, is due Nov. 13.

Listen to Logic's "Like Woah"

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