It's looks like Lil Poopy's dad is out of the dog house. Officials for the state Department of Children and Families in Brockton, Mass., have cleared the 9-year-old rapper's father, Luis Rivera, of child abuse allegations.

As we previously reported, videos of Lil Poopy (real name Louie Rivera, Jr.) rapping about "coke" and patting models on their butts sparked outrage and launched an investigation into Poopy's home life. It also generated an online conversation about today's rap music and how it influences children.

Cayenne Isaksen, a spokesperson for DFC, told Enterprise News that the state found no evidence of neglect and closed the case. “After a thorough investigation, the Department did not find evidence to support the allegations of abuse or neglect," she said. “The decision followed interviews with members of the family, school officials and medical professionals.”

The family's attorney, Joseph Krowski Jr., was overjoyed by the state's decision. "Luis Rivera vindicated. Great father great kid!" he tweeted. "I hope DCF now starts investigating all of those white pageant mothers!"

Krowski also added that the controversy has been great exposure for Lil Poopy, who is scheduled to appear on ABC's news program '20/20' in a couple of weeks. “There’s calls from all over the world coming in constantly so there’s a lot to sort through," he said. "I think the family wants to wait until the school year is over, but the media comes with being in the music industry."

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