With everyone on social media these days, it's not too surprising that Kreayshawn would announce her pregnancy on Instagram.

The California rapper proudly showed off her growing baby bump via the photo sharing site over the weekend. If the cartoon characters that frame the image didn't show you how excited she is, perhaps this message will. "Everyone's been wondering why all my pics have been neck up. WELL here's a neck down one! IM GONNA BE A MOM! (Im pregnant)," she said in the caption of the photo.

She continued the joy on Twitter. "Thankz again for all the luv today! V much appreciated! I feel so guuuud now," she tweeted. "Motherhood is bout to be my new hood! LOL!!"

Kreayshawn released her debut LP, 'Somethin' Bout Kreay,' in September. However with a baby on the way, it looks like she'll be focusing her energies on other things -- or find some new inspiration for her next record.

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