Kirko Bangz's 'Cup Up Top Down' was essentially an ode to the nightlife and the Houston culture as he teamed up with three well-known Houston artists: Z-Ro, Paul Wall and Slim Thug. The visual basically follows that concept as all four rappers deliver their verses while sipping from their cups.

The video is pretty much a party where the rappers happen to be in attendance. There's quite a few cups with a number of them presumably filled with purple drink. Paul Wall informs us that "Codeine is my fetish, pourin' up is a way of life." There's also an ice cream truck, that's unsurprisingly not serving ice cream.

Despite the questionable contents inside those white cups, all four rap dudes look coherent as they're performing. Such focus seems like a necessity when you're repping Houston.

Kirko Bangz's upcoming mixtape, 'Progression III,' is due Aug. 12.