Only a day after Kevin Gates released his new song '4:30 AM,' he decided to share the visual that goes along with it. Similar to the slightly haphazard flow of the track, the video does the same thing.

Taking us through the streets of what looks like his Baton Rouge neighborhood (or one that's similar), viewers will have a hard time trying to follow what is actually going on in the video. While we understand that '4:30 AM' is Gates' poetic sharing of what it was like for him growing up, the cuts between riding along the street and then another scene of a lap dance with two ladies just doesn't seem to make a cohesive story.

Regardless, '4:30 AM' is a song that gives us a peak into Gates' mind and soul, and maybe that's just as fuzzy as this video is.

Look for Gates’ 'Stranger Than Fiction' EP, due July 16.

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