Keri Hilson is hard at work on her third album and one song that fans seem to be anticipating is 'Sorry,' a track that serves as an apology to Beyonce and her BeyHive. The 30-year-old songstress opens up about the effort and shares hopes of crafting a major hit with Timbaland.

In July, Timbaland spoke with Revolt TV about collaborating with Keri on 'Sorry.' On Keri’s end, she’s been attacked by the BeyHive for shading Beyonce. So when news hit that the song was created, it was assumed to be Keri's reasoning for her actions. However, the singer doesn’t necessarily confirm if the song is intended to apologize to Beyonce or not during an interview with

“Whoever filmed that video cut him off and faded the video off to make it seem like it was the end of the sentence," she explains. “Maybe his intention was to clear up what he previously said. I’m not sure if that record will even make the album.”

For the follow-up to 2010's 'No Boys Allowed,' she’s working with Timbaland. “I want to see Timbaland do for Keri what he does for others,” Keri says. “A ‘big record.’ The last time you really saw a successful record between the two of us was ‘The Way I Are.’"

Keri is in no rush to release any new material until she's at her full potential. "I refuse to be loyal to my own demise," she reveals.

And apparently she'll appear on a track with one of the biggest rappers in the game. While recording material for Timbaland's new album, Keri scored a song with a Brooklyn rap veteran. "I’ve heard the music and it’s dope," she says of his forthcoming LP. "He and Jay Z have a record and I’m on it."

Sounds like the 'Knock You Down' chanteuse isn't taking any stuff from anyone this time around, including what she expects from the producers she works with. As for the "apology" single, looks like we'll probably never hear it or what Keri is actually sorry about when it comes to Beyonce.

The singer, who's sporting a new look with braids, has also entered the acting world again, working along side Vin Diesel in the sci-fi flick, ‘Riddick,' in theaters now.

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