At first glance, Kayden Stephenson looks like your average 16-year-old kid who wants to sing, but he's battling a terminal illness that is expected to take his life by the time he turns 35. Despite living with what many consider to be a death sentence, Kayden pushes along to fulfill his dream of being a singer, and now takes a crack at 'American Idol.'

Full of life, laughter and exuberant energy, Kayden gets the judges bopping and singing along to his cover of Stevie Wonder's 'I Wish.' This lil dude is living life with the confidence that most adults dream to have, the confidence to charm a diva like Mariah, pointing out her "bling-bling," and saying that "She's beautiful as always."

After charming Mariah and Nicki, and getting the support from the guys on the panel, Kayden got the thumbs up to go to Hollywood to compete on the next level. Mothers hide your daughters, this kid has the makings of a lady killer.

Watch Kayden Stephen Sing Stevie Wonder's 'I Wish'

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