Days after the rumor mill started rolling out news of a forthcoming Kanye West album titled, 'Rich Black American,' it was quickly discovered that the entire project was a farce.

The news that hit the interwebs on Sunday evening (Feb. 3) was actually a lie that a user named, XXXXXX started on the fansite, KanyeToThe. Rated K, who is an avid user of the site, exposed the truth on a guest blog posted on Comatose magazine.

In probably one of the most extensive and mathematically complicated explanations regarding Kanye West to hit the web, Rated K wrote that the person known as XXXXXX was actually some guy named Matt Closson -- he tagged one of his final posts on the fan forum with “follow me on twitter @mvttclosson.”

While we are now all left feeling like we're back at square one, at least there's one thing that is confirmed about Kanye's upcoming album -- it's not called 'Rich Black American.'

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