After months of anticipation, Kanye West's forthcoming album, 'Yeezus,' has sprung a leak. The effort slated for official release next week, made its way online earlier this afternoon.

A quick Twitter search yields several download links where fans can have the 10-track offering. 'Yeezus' quickly became a trending topic on Twitter as fans listened to the album, burned copies and shared their early thoughts.

For the most part, fans were torn. "Anyway, #Yeezus ain't gonna be for everybody. Listen for yourself. I like it," said one supporter on Twitter.

Another threw in, "If you don't like #yeezus you are [please select one of the following options: old, jaded, industry, stupid, limited, sheltered, hating]."

Regardless, it's the album everyone's talking about. As one fan summed up, "Yeezus gotta be the fasted bootlegged album in the history of music piracy. Lol."

The album is officially out June 18.

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