If the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards taught us anything, it's that Kanye West's filter tends to fly off when he's under the influence. He had been reportedly drinking Hennessy cognac before his infamous Taylor Swift interruption.

His latest public announcement had less repercussions, but it's definitely still worth a look. The 'Yeezus' created admitted he'd been drinking Grey Goose vodka when he went on a rant during Pusha T's listening party at New York's Industria Superstudio on Wednesday (Sept. 11).

The rant covered topics such as "culture vultures," trendsetters and the greatness of Pusha T's 'My Name Is My Name' album. He did so very loudly and explicitly in support of his label signee.

"Pusha T. Everything is Pusha T. Pyrex Vision, that’s Pusha T. 'Fear of God,' that’s Pusha T. This n---- the heart of the motherf---ing culture for you culture vultures," West said. "This the only n---- spitting that wild motherf---ing hip-hop s--- right now, that’s why I stand next to this n----. I don’t give a f--- about none of these corporations, none of these f---ing sellouts, this motherf---ing Pusha T."I’m a [incoherent] off that Goose right now, I might get loose right now. We don’t give a f---. We don’t give a f---. N---- this is that culture."All these n----s trying to extend their motherf---ing T-shirts, trying to throw numbers on the back of their shit… this motherf---ing Pusha T."

The West-produced 'Numbers on the Board' played right after his statement, as a hyped Pusha T rapped along to the lines.

'My Name Is My Name' is set to arrive Oct. 8.