Kanye West finally released the official video for 'Black Skinhead' after an unauthorized version of the clip leaked online. Not much is different between the two, but there are a few bells and whistles in Yeezy's new CGI-made video.

Created by Nick Knight and West's production company DONDA, the visual features a screen-capture button to help viewers take photographic stills from the video. Users can also use the +/- feature which speeds up and slows down the action in the clip.

West's all-black CGI body is more clearer than the previous version. The muscular figure is wildly dancing to the song, amid flashing images of wolves, hooded figures and King Kong.

And yes, Yeezy's huge CGI penis is still there -- not that we wanted to look at it, but, we wanted to pass that info along to you.

Furthermore, the cursor on the screen is in the shape of a middle finger.

Nonetheless, Kanye West's 'Black Skinhead' video is a cool, interactive experience that offers several minutes of creativity at your fingertips. You can watch it here.

Check out some of the photographic stills we captured from the visual below: