Kanye West was intense, hyper-eccentric and self-aggrandizing as ever in his now-famous interview with BBC's Zane Lowe. That didn't save him from having a parody of the interview created by late night host Jimmy Kimmel. Also, the fact that he's Jimmy Kimmel didn't save him from some vitriol from West.

Currently, West's 43 tweets on Twitter consist of mostly self-promotion, comments about the 'Black Skinhead' video,  praise for summer movie 'Pacific Rim' and angry, all-caps posts aimed at Kimmel.

The 'Yeezus' rapper's wrath was brought on by a spoof Kimmel did of West's BBC interview, in which he replaced West and Lowe with two children doing the interview. Innocent enough, but West didn't see it as such.

In last night's show (Sept. 26), Kimmel revealed West called him 30 minutes before the show aired, demanding he apologize.

"'I'm the most powerful voice in media. I'm Pac,'" Kimmel said, quoting Kanye's comments he made during their phone conversation. "'You'll never be able to show your face in a 14-year-old's football game and be cool again.'"

"['Are you gonna go on] 'SNL' and you're going to do like a skit about the paparazzi and s--- and like humanize yourself?' I ain't here to apologize to no motherf---ers man. It ain't about me humanizing myself. At what point did I become unhuman where I had to turn myself back?

The MC's Twitter rant continued:

Ray J, presumably.

Kimmel likes upfrontness apparently.



This begins Kimmel's first rap feud since he started the late night circuit in 2003. West has millions of fans and the G.O.O.D. Music camp on his side. Kimmel has Guillermo. Sounds fair enough.

Side note: Did the Kanye West that appeared on Kris Jenner's talk show 'Kris' vanish or what?